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Nip and tuck the fabric then close it with stitches.

I swear to Goddess, every time I see the band member’s names in my math problems I think about Steve trying to buy 4 new tires for the band’s bus. It’s hilarious. I literally drew Steve standing in front of a tire rack trying to pick a deal off of them. 

That should be a thing - Any fan of SPG(Or ANY fandom) should work out math problems like that. I had read a problem one time that read, “Sam, his wife and his son went to a fair” and crossed out ‘his wife’ and replaced it with Carolina and crossed out ‘his son’ with Carlisle(As in his DOG).


More pictures from the Spring Fairy Festival cause I’m god damn adorable that’s why.


though usually hidden to the human eye, naturally occurring marine biofluorescence can be seen under certain wavelengths of light (like ultraviolet) which causes the cells of the organisms seen here to absorb the light — and some of the photon’s energy — and then emit back a now less energetic light with a longer wavelength and thus a different colour.

biofluorescence is not be confused with bioluminescence (see posts), which is a  chemical reaction endemic to an organisms that causes them to glow.

photos by (click pic) daniel stoupin, alexander semenov, bent christensenlouise murray, and american museum of natural history (click pic for species)


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Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

oh yeah lets just have a game of thrones themed wedding

what can possibly go wrong?


No wedding, just the cake.

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And then this oddball was born :U 

Someone’s on an art spree! 
Quick! Hide the puppies!


And then this oddball was born :U 

Someone’s on an art spree! 

Quick! Hide the puppies!

A Gardener’s Plea.

You ladies and germs are staring at an awesome gardener right now!

Sweet Peppers - AKA Sweet Peps

Aroma Tomatoes - AKA A-Toms

Cilantro - AKA Cila!

I hope one day our garden will take up the whole yard and we can start decorating it with pretty lanterns, lights, a firepit and some outdoor pillows and furniture. 

How about you make it happen! 

I am doing commissions right now, from Chibis to fully colored pictures of your character. 

I do need all the help I can get. It’s just going to be my brother and I so we’ll need the extra cash to get from point A to point B. My mom’s not going to stay in the apartment long, she just got a new job that’s four hours away from where we live. 

I’d like to live comfortably and not worry about the money situation. If you can’t donate your money, please by all means signal boost this post. 

I’d be super grateful. Thank you!